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What Happened to Monday

By September 10, 2017 Movies No Comments
What Happened to Monday Book Cover What Happened to Monday
Tommy Wirkola
18 August 2017
"In a not all that inaccessible future, where overpopulation and starvation have constrained governments to attempt an exceptional One-Child Policy, seven indistinguishable sisters (every one of them depicted by Noomi Rapace) carry on a find the stowaway presence sought after by the Child Allocation Bureau. The Bureau, coordinated by the savage Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close), implements a strict family-arranging plan that the sisters outsmart by alternating expecting the character of one individual: Karen Settman. Instructed by their granddad (Willem Dafoe) who raised and named them - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - each can go outside once per week as their basic character, yet are just liberated to act naturally in the jail of their own condo. That is until, one day, Monday does not return home."