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The Hero

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The Hero 2017 Book Cover The Hero 2017
Brett Haley
9 June 2017
"Lee Hayden is a veteran on-screen character of Westerns whose vocation's greatest years are behind him after his one truly incredible film, "The Hero." Now, scratching by with voice overs for ads, Lee discovers that he has a terminal guess of pancreatic malignancy. Unfit to force himself to inform anybody regarding it, particularly his repelled family, Lee can just brood alone as disturbing, yet moving, dreams frequent him. Things change when he meets Charlotte Dylan, an exceptional humorist who turns into a darling who unintentionally kicks off his open profile. Presently confronting a significant enthusiastic clash of having a potential profession rebound even as his fast approaching demise is gazing him in the face, Lee should at last grapple with the two substances when he at long last admits his circumstance to the one individual he can."