Game of Thrones Season 2

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Game of Thrones Season 2 subtitles Book Cover Game of Thrones Season 2 subtitles
April 1, 2012 - June 3, 2012.
"The Starks announce war on the Lannisters for the demise of Ned and having won three triumphs, Robb Stark offers the Lannisters peace in return for the North's freedom, sending Theon Greyjoy to pick up Balon Greyjoy's help and Catelyn Stark to look for Renly Baratheon's. Cersei Lannister rejects Robb's terms. In the interim, Tyrion Lannister ousts Janos Slynt, leader of the Gold Cloaks, to the Wall, elevating Bronn to authority of the watch."

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