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Eyes Wide Shut

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Eyes Wide Shut Book Cover Eyes Wide Shut
Stanley Kubrick
16 July 1999
"After his better half, Alice, informs him regarding her sexual dreams, William Harford sets out for a night of sexual experience. After a few not as much as fruitful experiences, he meets an old companion, Nick Nightingale - now an artist - who lets him know of interesting sex parties when he is required to play the piano blindfolded. Every one of the men at the gathering are costumed and wear covers while the ladies are altogether youthful and lovely. Harford figures out how to locate a suitable ensemble and heads out to the gathering. Once there, in any case, he is cautioned by somebody who remembers him, regardless of the cover, that he is in incredible peril. He figures out how to remove himself however the dangers turn out to be very genuine and evil."