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Churchill Book Cover Churchill
Jonathan Teplitzky
2 June 2017
"June 1944. Unified Forces remain on the edge: a huge armed force is furtively gathered on the south bank of Britain, ready to re-take Nazi-involved Europe. One man remains in their direction: Winston Churchill. Behind the notable figure and energizing discourses: a man who has confronted political scorn, military disappointment and a discourse obstruction. A hasty, in some cases tormenting identity - frightful, over the top and harming. Frightful of rehashing, on his lamentable order, the mass butcher of 1915, when a huge number of young fellows were eliminated the shorelines of Gallipoli. Fixated on satisfying verifiable significance: his predetermination. Depleted by years of war and tormented by sadness, Churchill is a sorry excuse for the saint who has opposed Hitler's Blitzkrieg."