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Game of Thrones Season 7

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Game of Thrones Season 7 subtitles Book Cover Game of Thrones Season 7 subtitles
July 16, 2017 - August 27, 2017
"At the Twins, Arya lethally harms the rest of the rulers of House Frey. The White Walkers walk toward the Wall, where Tollett permits Bran and Meera inside. Daenerys sends the Dornishmen with Yara's armada to Sunspear and the Unsullied to Casterly Rock, choosing to put King's Landing under attack. She doubts Varys' unwaveringness and debilitates to copy him alive in the event that he ever double-crosses her. Arya comes back to Winterfell, At King's Landing, the wight is exhibited to the Lannisters. Cersei requests Jon's nonpartisanship in the Great War, however he maintains his promise to Daenerys, inciting Cersei to take off. Tyrion meets secretly with Cersei, clearly inducing her to partner."

Game of Thrones Season 6

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Game of Thrones Season 6 subtitles Book Cover Game of Thrones Season 6 subtitles
April 24, 2016 - June 26, 2016
"Following their escape from Winterfell, Sansa Stark trips to the Wall, while Theon Greyjoy comes back to the Iron Islands. In Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton secures his claim on the North by executing Roose and Walda Bolton and his new-conceived relative. At the Wall, Melisandre revives Jon Snow, who is brought together with Sansa; they accumulate followers and a fight results. Supported by the Knights of the Vale, the Starks overcome the Bolton powers. Sansa sustains Ramsay to his dogs and Jon is announced the King in the North. Past the Wall, Bran Stark prepares with the Three-Eyed Raven however alarms the Night King, who dispatches an assault of White Walkers. Wheat and Meera escape and are protected by Benjen Stark. Wheat in this way has a dream to the Tower of Joy a long time earlier, uncovering that Jon isn't Ned Stark's charlatan yet rather the offspring of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen."

Game of Thrones Season 5

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Game of Thrones Season 5 subtitles Book Cover Game of Thrones Season 5 subtitles
April 12 2015 - June 14 2015
"In Meereen, the Sons of the Harpy have begun to rebel against Daenerys Targaryen's administration. To recover peace and control, Daenerys agrees to the demand of re-opening the battling pits while taking Hizdahr zo Loraq as her significant other. Tyrion Lannister and Varys touch base in Pentos and they start their voyage to Meereen. They go through Volantis, where Tyrion is stole by Jorah Mormont, who takes him to Meereen as an approach to make up for himself to Daenerys, however she rather takes Tyrion as her counsel and outcasts Jorah. The Sons of the Harpy mount an assault on Daenerys, Drogon returns and Daenerys takes off on his back, arriving in the Dothraki ocean."

Game of Thrones Season 4

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Game of Thrones Season 4 subtitles Book Cover Game of Thrones Season 4 subtitles
April 6, 2014 - June 15, 2014
"In King's Landing, visitors touch base for Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell's wedding. Among those in participation is Oberyn Martell, Prince of Dorne. After Joffrey is harmed at his wedding by Margaery's grandma, Olenna Tyrell, Cersei Lannister reprimands Tyrion for his passing. Shocked at the kangaroo court managing his trial, Tyrion requests a trial by battle. Cersei picks the Mountain as her champion and Oberyn offers to speak to Tyrion. The trial closes in a triumph for the Mountain and Tyrion is condemned to death. Before he can be executed, Tyrion is liberated by Jaime, who reveals to him Varys will pirate him to the Free Cities. Tyrion, finding that Shae had been laying down with Tywin, chokes her to death before executing Tywin and escaping Westeros."