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Alien Covenant

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Alien Covenant 2017 Book Cover Alien Covenant 2017
Ridley Scott
May 4, 2017
"Very nearly eleven years after the vain and deplorable endeavor on the far off moon LV-223, the profound space colonization vessel Covenant furnished with more than 2,000 homesteaders in cryogenic hibernation, lays out steps to arrive at the remote planet Origae-6 with the expectation to assemble another world. Rather, a maverick transmission will allure the team to an adjacent tenable little planet which looks like a great deal like the Earth, all things considered, at some point or another, the clueless individuals from the Covenant should adapt to invulnerable and unconquerable organic enemies outside human ability to grasp. At last, what was planned as an exploratory and tranquil mission, under those conditions, it will soon transform into a urgent save operation profound into the chilly unbounded space."